Terms of Use

  • Agreement Basics :

    User Agreement includes the terms and conditions for Vibrantholidays Pvt.Ltd and our vendors/travel services provider to provide services to the person (s)/ organisation (The user of the website) who is using the website with the purpose of purchase or inquiring for the product and/ or services of Vibrantholidays Pvt.Ltd or any of our vendor’s services by using this website, calling to our customer care number or visiting to any of our office(s),Branch, partner’s office, Both User and Vibrantholidays are individually referred as 'party' to the agreement and collective referred to as 'parties'.

  • Agreement for User for Awareness :

    It will be considered that the Users using this site or getting services from Vibrantholidays Pvt.Ltd shall be read, understood and accepted the terms & conditions of this agreement, All rights & liabilities of the User and/or Vibrantholidays Pvt.Ltd with respect to any services to be provided by Vibrantholidays Pvt.Ltd shall be limited to only the scope of this agreement. Vibrantholidays Pvt.Ltd reserves the right to terminate the access to any or all Vibrantholidays websites or services or any particular part or services at any time without prior notice, for Technical maintenance or with any reason whatsoever.All products or services (For e.g. Air Booking, Hotel Booking, Visa, Train, Bus, Holiday Packages etc) may be provided by third party suppliers. So along with this Agreement, there are certain terms of service specific to the services products provided by Vibrantholidays.. These terms of service is given by Vibrantholidays which shall be considered as a part of this Agreement and in the event of a conflict between such terms of service and this Agreement, the terms of this Agreement. There for the user must read and understand the terms and conditions of such servicesAlso the service provider which are our travel partners (Like Airline,Hotel, Bus Etc) may provide their different terms and condition, user also must read their terms and condition. By using Vibrantholidays website or any services the user confirms that they are clear with this agreement and terms & conditions, If the user does not agree with terms & conditions of Vibrantholidays, user can choose not avail the services of Vibrantholidays Pvt. Ltd. Some information which is mentioned by Vibrantholidays as Confidential has to be maintained confidentially by the user and shall not be disclosed.

    The terms & conditions shall apply equally to both the singular and plural form of the terms or words defined (for eg word Hotel/Hotels).

    While making booking or any kind of transaction on this website, the User authorises Vibrantholidays and its employees to access third party sites. Such as Banks and other payment gateways, decided by them or on their behalf for getting the requested information. Vibrantholidays will not be responsible for any kind of deduction or charges and/or deduction done by third party.

    Vibrantholidays may use your contact details such as e-mail id or mobile number to send booking details/ package details, cancellation request, payment confirmation, refund details, schedule change or any such other details regarding to the transaction via Text/Whatsapp Messages or by voice call on the contact number given by the User/Customer at the time of booking or making inquiry. Vibrantholidays may also contact the User by voice call/SMS/email/whatsapp messenger in case the User couldn’t or hasn’t placed the booking for any reason what so ever. So to know the preference of the User to help & confirm the booking. The User hereby unconditionally confirms that such communications via SMS, whatsapp and/ or voice call by Vibrantholidays Pvt. Ltd is i) because the request and authorisation of the User/Customer (ii) ‘transactional’ and not an ‘unsolicited commercial communication’ as per the guidelines of Telecom Regulation Authority of India Trai and (iii) with reference to the guidelines of TRAI or such other authority in India and abroad. The User will compensate Vibrantholidays for any/all kind of losses and/or damages incurred by Vibrantholidays due to any action taken by TRAI, Access Providers Trai regulations or any other authority due to any compliant raised by the User on Vibrantholidays with respect to the intimations mentioned above or due to a wrong number or email id being provided by the User for any reason.

    In the event that any arrangement of this understanding is considered to be invalid or unenforceable in entire or to some degree, such things will join just to such arrangement or part of such arrangement and the rest of the piece of such arrangement and every other arrangement of this Agreement will keep on being in full power and impact. The User also confirms that they will follow all applicable laws and regulations regarding use of the services with respect to the jurisdiction concerned for all transaction.The User confirm that the User is of legal age to enter into a binding contract and is not a person restricted from availing the Services under the laws of India or other applicable law.

    PAN details are required for transactions for Liberalised Remittance Scheme which includes any international booking on Vibrantholidays website or any booking medium so the user confirms that PAN details of the user/traveller will be shared by the user on or before the date given by Vibrantholidays. In case the traveller is a minor, Vibrantholidays will require PAN details of the parent/guardian. The user further confirms that non-compliance of this provision may result in cancellation of the booking and charges deduction of service provider along with Vibrantholidays fees will be deducted. The user confirms that the total amount of foreign exchange, purchased from or remitted during the current financial year, through all sources in India (including the current transaction) is within the permissible limit prescribed by RBI. The User further affirms that outside trade, assuming any, bought by client with the end goal of global travel under the present booking will be used for reason demonstrated previously.

    The User agrees that any material and/or data downloaded or get from the source of this website in on the user’s sole risk and responsibility any harm to their computer systems or data loss that results from the download. Vibrantholidays will always give its best efforts to ensure that the content on its websites & other informations are free of any virus or such malwares.

    Vibrantholidays services are for the User's personal and non-commercial use only. User may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer, or sell any information, software, products or services obtained from the Vibrantholidays website(s) without written approval of Vibrantholidays.

    Client will be exclusively and solely responsible for any break of any nation particular guidelines and controls or general set of accepted rules and Vibrantholidays can't be considered responsible for same.

  • Payment Related :

    For some transaction Vibrantholidays may charge some fees based on certain services. Also Vibrantholidays reserves the right to change/modify any charges any time without any prior notice and the User shall be completely responsible for any kind of Fees, Taxes, duties, Charges. Sometimes if there is a short charging by Vibrantholidays for any services or transaction fee or any other fee or service because of some technical or any other reason, it reserves the right to deduct or charge claim the balance amount to the transaction at its own discretion. Also if there is any increase in the price charged by Company because of change in tax slab or new taxes implications by Government shall have to be borne by customer only. In some cases there are rare possibilities of the booking/reservation not getting confirmed for any reason whatsoever it may be, it will process the refund and intimate user/customer of the same. Vibrantholidays Pvt. Ltd is not liable to make any another booking in the act of compensate or change the unconfirmed booking/reservation. Also all the further bookings made by user/customer will be treated as new bookings only with no relation to earlier unconfirmed booking/reservation.

    Also User shall request Vibrantholidays for any kind of refunds or adjustments against any un-utilised services or 'no show' air or hotel booking for any reasons. Any refund which proceeds by the any service provider such as (Airline, Hotel, Cruise etc) customer will have to claim the same within 85 days, any request after that will be considered as unclaimed request and no refund will be given for the same.

  • Other Websites Linked on Our Website:

    Linked website which are on this website are not in control of Vibrantholidays. So Vibrantholidays is not responsible for any content of other than this website. User may choose to visit the link on their own.

  • Force Majeure Events :

    User must agree that sometimes it can be exceptional situations where the service operators like the airlines, hotels, cruises, transportation provider may be unable to accept the confirmed bookings due to various reasons like government decisions, climatic conditions, labor unrest, insolvency, technical and operational issues, route and flight cancellations, road block etc. If Vibrantholidays is informed in advance of such conditions where dishonour of bookings happens, Vibrantholidays will give its best effort to get maximum of refund or try to get alternate arrangements with nominal difference of charges (has to be borne by customer), if supported and refunded by that respective service operators. The user agrees that Vibrantholidays being an agency for providing the booking services shall not be responsible for any such situations and the customers have to contact that service provider directly for any further resolutions and refunds. Vibrantholidays won't be responsible for postponements or ineptitudes in execution or nonperformance in entire or in part of its commitments because of any causes that are not because of its demonstrations or oversights and are past its sensible control, such as fire, acts of God, strikes, embargo, acts of government, acts of terrorism or other similar causes, problems at airlines, rails, buses, hotels or transporters side. In such situation, the customer/user will be informed as early as the situation permitsIn no situation Vibrantholidays and/or its suppliers be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, consequential damages or any damages whatsoever including, without limitation, damages for loss of use, data or profits, arising out of or in any way connected with the use or performance of the Vibrantholidays website(s).

    Vibrantholidays is not responsible for any errors or representations on any of its pages or on any links or on any of the linked website pages.

  • Usage of the content :

    All the material given in this website such as Images, Icons, buttons, softwares, Logos, Designs, Graphics, Video, Audio, Package formats etc may not be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed This material is protected by copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights and laws use, The User if Distribute or copy may lead to personal liability or criminal prosecution.

  • Refusal and Cancellation by Vibrantholidays :

    Vibrantholidays at its sole decision claims all authority to not to acknowledge any User booking without giving any reason or prior information thereof, Vibrantholidays can suspend the user by using the website without any information.If the user breaches this agreement or the terms of services Vibrantholidays reserves the right to recover any amounts due and owing by the user to Vibrantholidays and/or the service provider and to take strict legal action.

    User agrees to provide to Vibrantholidays only correct and valid information while requesting for any services, and not to make any misrepresentation with facts at all.Any fraud bookings/reservation made will be auto cancelled without any prior notice and without any refund.

  • Changes in this Terms of Usage :

    Vibrantholidays reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices given here, The User is responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions.


    Vibrantholidays considers itself and intends to be subject to the jurisdiction only of the courts of Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India.

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