Silverpine Boutique


Silverpine boutique hotel is definitely among best hotels in Thimphu and a popular choice for many travellers who come to Bhutan in search of peace and bliss. We are a nature friendly and tourist loved accommodation which has always served beyond your highest expectations. The hotel exhibits exquisite décor and artworks which adds more grandeur to the lavish compound. The region is already beautiful and we are placed in between beautiful vistas. Our windows and balconies provide the far distant landscapes, mountains and scenes which is one of the best in Bhutan.

We are definitely a place of tranquillity and beauty which should be a great escape from your daily scheduled life. It has a wonderful ambiance which lets you connect to yourself and being alignment to your mind, body and soul. We have our hotel equipped with every modern amenities which should make your stay complete. We provide nothing less than 5+ star hospitality to all our guests.

Hotel Amenities

3 Star Hotel
Couple Friendly

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